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Breakthrough Selling, Inc. | Schaumburg, IL

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How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Complimentary Virtual or In-Person Workshop
Tuesday, Oct. 11 • 11am - 12:30pm CT


Do you need to improve sales performance?

Today's sales environment is a hybrid world of both in-person and virtual meetings.
Buyers are more sophisticated than ever. Are deals being lost that should have been won?

Plan to attend and join other business professionals either in-person or online for a training and development session. Discover what top performing sales professionals are doing in the current economy. 

Business is NOT won or lost at the end of the sales process but at the very beginning.

That’s when you determine whose system is going to prevail; yours or the buyer’s. If you're not controlling the sale, you lose influence, equal stature, and margins. Key reasons why salespeople fail.

Sales teams have honed their industry expertise but are still:

  • Struggling with prospecting, setting appointments, and qualifying leads.
  • Not controlling the buyer meeting and sales journey
  • Falling short with the skills to close business in a hybrid environment.
  • Wasting time chasing prospects who stall and want to “think it over”
  • Lacking the expertise to ask tough questions, at the right time, to uncover the prospect’s pain, budget, and decision processes
  • Without a defined sales process – everyone does “their own thing” resulting in inaccurate forecasts and missed quotas
There’s a better way to sell to today’s savvy buyers.

 You will learn:

  • Why a common language and sales process will increase revenue
  • How to improve missed quotas, reduced margins, and accountability
  • Effective strategies that work for hybrid or in-person sales
  • How to control the sale by establishing mutually agreed on objectives and next steps
  • Powerful questioning tactics that uncover essential information to move forward … or move on
  • Eliminate prospect ghosting, stalls, and “I’ll think it overs”

Help your team reach the next level of success!

Seating is limited. Reserve your seat today. 👉




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Attend In-Person or Virtual. Participants will receive a copy of the book, Why Salespeople Fail. Lunch provided for In-person Attendees

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How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Complimentary; Choose to attend workshop In-Person or Virtually | Tuesday, Oct. 11 • 11am -12:30 pm CT

Location: Sandler at 1501 E Woodfield Rd., Suite 210S, Schaumburg, IL 60173

Or Online:  Zoom link will be provided

Lunch will be provided to In-person attendees.
All attendees will receive a copy of the book, Why Salespeople Fail.

Reserve Your Seat! Seating is limited